Training Resources for Interpreters

Do you think about an interpreter’s career, but you feel that the studies alone do not give you enough practical preparation? Or maybe you are just about to start studying linguistics or philology, and interpreting classes are ahead of you in the following years, but you can not wait to try your hand in this field. In both cases, you may be interested in the Speech Repository 2.0 website created by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Interpretation  .

You will find there materials created especially for the needs of teaching interpreters for European institutions. It is a comprehensive collection of speeches, press conferences, meetings, interviews, which are divided according to the level of difficulty, topic and languages.


Just start your computer, choose the language you are interested in, topic and level of difficulty, turn on the recorder on your smartphone (after recording your translation you gain the opportunity to analyze your strengths and weaknesses). For consecutive interpreting, notebook and something to write may come in handy . A lot of YT movies and books were created on the subject of taking notes by conference interpreters. In addition to the theory, it is important to develop an individual style, in the end the notes are to help us read our own thoughts quickly and effortlessly.

Even before proceeding to the actual translation, you can check if you know the technical terminology appearing in the recording. If not, it is a good idea to first translate them into the target language to make your work easier. You can find the glossary under each of the recordings.


Turkish, Serbo-Croatian, or maybe French? No problem. The website has all the official languages ​​of the European Union and some candidate countries, as well as Arabic, Russian and Chinese.

Good luck!